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12 Simple Truths (I'm still learning)

1. The best things in life are difficult (a good marriage, raising kids well, being a good friend).

2. Most of the worst things in life are easy (fast food, holding grudges, bad habits).

3. Following your dreams is usually a bad idea (and dreams of fame and fortune are usually the worst).

4. Being awake is a form of protest in a culture that prizes sleep-walking (comfort and anesthesia are only separated by degrees).

5. It's easier to lie to yourself than to others (you don't have to confess to yourself).

6. Most people prefer a lie they like to a truth they don't (look at half of the country; either half).

7. Living in denial becomes easier the longer you do it (denial feeds off itself; the more you eat, the more there is to consume).

8. To truly love is the hardest thing a person can ever do (just ask your family).

9. To love your enemy is the hardest love of all (just ask your family).

10. To hate is easy (just ask your enemy).

11. Virtues are virtues because they're not easy (if they were, they'd be vices).

12. There's nothing simple about the truth (especially the simple ones).

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May I add my two of my personal philosophies: - You only regret what you DON'T do. - It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission.

P,S. Michael, for years now I have avoided Facebook & Twitter under the belief that they are toxic and also NOBODY should care what I think. However if I am required to use Facebook to respond to your blogs - then I shall cautiously enter. However, If I get sucked down a rabbit hole of conspiracy, find myself dodging bullets of offensive opinions or start up an affair with a former college girlfriend, I'm going to blame it on you.

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