Artheology (/är tēˈäləjē//) : The study of the symbiotic relationship between art and theology, paying particular attention to the artistic elements of theology and the theological elements of art.
This page will soon be filled with images and text that speak to -- and illustrate -- the intersection of art and theology, which I believe will once again become the Church's primary way of embodying classical Christian truths. I am convinced we are (and will be) saved primarily through art (as opposed to by it) and that this culture's resistance to propositional truths will hasten the resurgence of this tectonic epistemological corrective in the Church's mission. Most of the seven arts were, for centuries, the primary way the Church got its message across, the seven arts being Architecture, Sculpture, Music, Literature, Painting, Performance, and, most recently, Film/Television/Video.
This site is committed to the resurgence of this dynamic relationship between art and theology, and my aim is to contribute in some small way to this fundamental revolution, coming soon to a gallery (theater, concert, exhibit, show, sanctuary) near you.