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Which Witch is Which?

Donald Trump has insisted that every indictment against him is part of a witch hunt. Must be some witch hunt to involve multiple courts in varying jurisdictions for countless reasons spanning nearly 100 felony counts, from hush money to a porn start to trying to scam votes in Georgia in order to illegally win the Presidency. It's so preposterous as to seem almost unreal, and yet that seems to be precisely Trump's end game: be such a clown that the whole legal juggernaut against him becomes a circus. He might as well shoot someone in Times Square at this point. What difference would it make? It's all a big conspiracy anyway, isn't it?

And not only the legal challenges against him, but the COVID virus, global warming, and the improving economy, all part of one big "deep state" effort that spans the globe and nearly every major country in the world in order to besmirch his reputation, as if he needed any help with that. All the orange blowhard has to do is open his mouth. He sounds, honestly, like a 14 year-old who never studied, never even went to school, whining about how unfair all his teachers are for failing the poor guy, and using as "proof" the fact that *all* of them are failing him, which means it MUST be a conspiracy.

But here's the truly weird part. Nearly 1/3 of the country actually believes him. I can sort of understand how one narcissist, acting on his own bizarre paranoid delusions, can fool himself into thinking that the whole world is out to get him -- well, at least that part of the world that actually tells him the truth about what a fool he is -- but 1/3 of one of the most populous countries in the world believing it? WTF?!? Who are these people? Well, apparently they're some of my neighbors, and my dermatologist, and my county sheriff, and the girl who sells me my coffee at the local coffee stand in town, and my county tax assessor, and half of everyone who lives in northern Nevada. And what do they have in common? A grievance against the powers-that-be who benefit from the way things are and who have, for far too long, taken advantage of their status as monied influencers in order to change laws and influence people in ways that benefit them and their kind. People who have never known a poor day in their lives. People who were born with silver spoons up their back sides. People who treat everyone else as if they were unworthy. People, as it turns out, like Donald Trump.

The guy they all hail as their savior -- their "retribution" -- turns out to be "one of them," one of the very elites they all despise, who is now playing them as the patsies they're all perfectly willing to be, all for the rich billionaire from New York City who was born into privilege, went to the best schools because of his last name, and treated his many employees the same way he treated his past wives and virtually all his former cabinet members during his presidency: as pawns who he found useful until he didn't, and then as irritants who refused to worship him, and so he fired them, literally and figuratively.

And this is the guy they think is their heaven sent prophet and political hero who will save them from all their troubles? Hilarious. And terrifying.

Let the trials begin!

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