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Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Apparently Trump's ascendance in American political circles (of the particularly right-wing, wacko-Evangelical, xenophobic variety) has actually--as in scientifically--affected elite Bridge players around the country (see the article here). "Trump’s success ‘deranges’ bridge players, shedding light on biomedical studies" reads the title.

The sane among us are watching, in real time, our country being bamboozled, bewitched, and bewildered by a modern-day Wizard (of the decidedly dark variety) and we can hardly believe our eyes and ears. How could so many otherwise-apparently-rational-heavy machinery-operating human beings be taken in by such an obvious charlatan-baboon salesman like Trump (no offense to the institution of salesmen)? And then there's the whole Evangelical support of him, which not only turns any sensible Christian's stomach but turns the whole notion of justifying means for ends on its head -- in spades (and jacks, hearts, and diamonds). Jesus never once countenanced justifying means for ends, and he was hung on the cross for it. Who the f$%$ ever thought that Christians would try to get away with such a thing? WhoTF indeed. And yet they've been doing it for centuries, from Constantine in the 3rd century to Adolf Hitler 90 years ago. And here we are at it again. German Christians = the American Evangelical Church (look up the reference if you don't catch my meaning). If it could happen to them, it could happen to us.

Nothing much more to say here, except to throw my hat into the ring of Never-Trumpers who have dared to stand up against the crazy millions of minions who proudly support such a deranged and dangerous human being. Truly. If global warming is an existential threat to the world, Donald Trump, in his ominous orange glow, is an existential threat to American democracy, not to mention global political and economic stability. We can never say we weren't warned.

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