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Intuition vs Reason

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

A study at Harvard published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology (Sept. 19, 2011) entitled “Divine Intuition: Cognitive Style Influences Belief in God” concluded that when people use intuition rather than reason, they are far more likely to conclude that there is a God. Intuition is a different way of knowing than reason. Attempts to know God by reason alone will fail. Atheists insist that reason is the only way to truth. That’s why they’re atheists.

I have to laugh at those atheist websites that have a laundry list of “celebrities” who don’t believe in God. That’s like having a laundry list of conservative Baptists who don’t believe in evolution. Probably the single greatest asset to a celebrity is his/her popularity, and it’s not very popular in the world of celebrities (of the Hollywood or literati type) to be religious. So what do you get? A list of celebrities who don’t believe in God. Alert the media.

But even if it weren’t that disingenuous and these celebrities actually didn’t believe and had reasons beyond what any idiot might say about the matter, why should I care? If I want my teeth cleaned, I go to a dentist. My heart fixed? A cardiologist. My toilet repaired? A plumber. To be amused? A celebrity. For meaning larger than myself? Religion. I could no more care what Brad Pitt thinks of God than what Rebo the Clown thought of quantum mechanics.

I pity the souls who have willingly trapped themselves inside the Church of Atheism, where the common, everyday realities of love and courage and brotherhood must necessarily be reduced to nothing more than evolutionary coping mechanisms wrought by synapses in the brain. Talk about an impoverished religion.

No thanks. I’ll stick with common humanity on this one and believe (and intuit) that there’s still such a thing as mystery, and among the bigger mysteries, the human capacity at hubris, which is, in the end, what atheism boils down to. But then, isn’t that what Genesis 3 has been saying all along? The unbridled pursuit for total knowledge–to become gods ourselves–always ends in a fall of some kind. It’s Humpty-Dumpty all over again, people.

And all the king’s horses…

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