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The Small Things Matter

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Taking out the recycle when it’s full. Then putting in a new liner. Putting away the cream cheese when you’re done. Hanging up your towel. Replacing the toilet paper. Showing interest in your spouse’s new work-out regime. Getting off your device long enough to spend time with your kids… without your phone attached to your person. Not using a screen as a glorified babysitter except in emergencies. Telling your kid you love her for no reason at all. Throwing the ball in the back yard with your dog. For more than 5 minutes.

It really is the small things that matter, that no one notices because they shouldn’t have to; that, added up over time, mean almost as much as the big things, and maybe more. They’re easy to neglect because they’re easy to ignore. But when you don’t do them, people notice. And they should. Life is made up mostly of small things. We make our way incrementally towards the grave in small steps. It may be the big things that the outside world remembers, but it’s the small things that determine your character, and that your friends and family remember.

We should all think a little smaller.

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