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The most startling recent example of the age-old adage that people are sheep comes from the newly minted Republican Party, known by its more popular moniker, the MAGA Movement.

I've rarely witnessed a more homogenized and sheep-like group, and what makes them all the more hilarious and pathetic is who they parade around as if they are the truly independent thinkers of the bunch. Nothing could be further from the truth. They hang on every word of their Fearless Leader, Donald J. Trump, are more than happy to follow him down any rabbit hole he offers them in his daily (and increasingly unhinged) rants at rallies across the country, and they breathlessly agree to do his bidding whatever the cost, even if that cost is their own economic well-being, the democratic foundations of the country they supposedly want to make great again, or whatever shreds of decency they embody as individuals. Trump represents their savior, idol, god, champion, and whatever other honorific they can throw at him (or that he claims for himself). And one of the necessary net effects of supporting (worshiping) an unhinged charlatan like Trump is that you must become as unhinged as he is. And from all accounts, mission accomplished.

Sometimes I have this impulse to go up to the nearest flag-bearing MAGA extremist (redundancy) and ask him/her, "What exactly is it about Donald Trump that you support?" And when they give me the conventionally non-sensical answer that he's going to Make America Great Again (or the sundry 100 different variations on that theme), I would attempt to disabuse them not only of the false information their story would depend upon, but try to help them recognize that by unquestioningly supporting a man who has proven time and time again to be a pathological liar of truly historic proportions, they represent the most conformist thinking group this country has seen in a long, long time. In other words, MAGA folk aren't free thinkers, they're minions, in every sense of that word. They need their Father Figure to tell them what to think. And then I would ask them with complete sincerity, "How does it make you feel that Trump requires from you that you become the very person you are screaming to cleanse America from: mindless sheep?"

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