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Ode to Omniscience

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

God spoke first

If God is to be believed

And God said Light!

And light was thus conceived

And if what God said is true

Then hear this, Man

You cannot prove Him true

Nor false

For who God is, is higher

Then you or I

Can with our minds aspire

Nietzsche’s dead

And so is Sartre and Camus

They’ve said their piece

And now they’ve bid Adieu!

And God remains

And if He’s to be received

You must have faith

Before you take your leave

Without proof

You must make your way to Him

By faith, you see

And though the light grow dim

He who spoke

Light into life out of thin air

Will speak again

And then, he will appear

And all doubt

Will itself dissolve to dust

And Love remains

For He decreed it must

God speaks last

And He has reserved the right

To once again

Change darkness into Light!

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