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Updated: May 10

In a Capitalist system, every organization ends up eventually defaulting to a business model, and this holds true for organizations like universities and churches. And when that happens, then things officially are decided on the proverbial “bottom line” of profit. And when that happens, a culture can kiss good-bye to the scaffolding that has been in place for thousands of years for the arts and the world of ideas regarding how to determine good from bad. Now everything is predicated on whether it is popular or a good investment or makes money some other way. That becomes—and must become—the only consideration. It is certainly the final consideration. This is why the Good Book says that the love of money is the root of all evil, firstly because it attenuates—indeed, superfluates and obviates—any truly aesthetic considerations (art for art’s sake and all that), and secondly (and more importantly) because it objectifies everything it touches, because now its value somehow has to be remuneratable, measured, accounted for (literally). No room here for seasoned subjective opinion. Just give me a value I can plug into a calculator, please! And when something is objectified, it dies. It has no value in itself, except what we assign to it. Being an object sucks.

And with this ubiquitous objectification comes its natural and necessary effect: the pornographication of everything. Everything becomes porn: Sports. Sermons. Ideas. People. Beauty. Truth. Music. Goodness. Taste. Art reviews. God (god). Love. Oneself. The tree outside. The plant. The dog. Everything. It’s the Donald Trumpification of the world. To the big Don, everything—and I mean everything—is transactional: it’s worth something because a dollar value can be attached to it. Or not. And we can vote a slimeball like him into office because a large portion of the electorate has objectified him. Being Donald Trump sucks.


Welcome to another lovely element of this Brave New World. Hope you’re worth something.

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